Can Poppy Seeds Cause a Positive Test for Drugs?

Poppy Seeds Roll
Poppy Seeds Covered Roll
I don’t know about you, but with a hot cup of quality coffee, I am content with a simple poppy seeds roll in the morning, or even later in the day.

Poppy seeds rolls—quality ones—are better than a doughnut. And an abundant use of sweet cream butter inside doesn’t hurt!

Two Thumbs Up, But…

There may be a cause for concern, though, if you happen to choose to eat these treats on a day you go in for an interview for a job, or on a day you have a routine blood test on the job. Maybe you’ve heard tell those little black seeds can cause you to flunk a drug test due to the presence of opiates?

Poppy Seeds – Guilty!

Can those seeds atop your bagel produce a positive test for drugs? Yes, the St. Pete’s Bagel Company acknowledges.

The Globe and Mail informs us those little black seeds really do skew drug tests! Even Snopes agrees. So, if you want that job, steer clear of poppy seed rolls and bagels!

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