Science: Sun Worship?

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sun worshipI once read that science for some is roughly the same as Sun Worship. At first, I thought, “That’s ridiculous.” But over the years, I have changed my mind. Why?

Religion a Science?

For centuries, men worshiped Nature. Foremost was sun worship. The sun imparted light and warmth. Of course, there were other gods. The moon, rivers, dogs, cats, and so on.

I am a scientist – a chemist. I love science. It explains much about our surroundings and about ourselves as well. Science is the source of technological advances. But with anything good, expect misapplication, if not outright abuse.

Science a Religion?

Science has been glorified with almost mystic properties, as if it is the ultimate source of understanding, in a sense a source of salvation. Journalists have painted pictures of how science will someday solve all of our problems. Food for all. Peace. Security. Medical advances will eradicate sickness, even death.

Science an Enemy?

sun worship

In reality, hasn’t science greatly magnified many of our problems? For instance, war. Has science not advanced warfare? Gas and germ warfare? Attack from the air via planes and rockets? Then there’s the splitting of the atom. Atomic warfare could wipe out Earth’s population. But let’s not stop there. What possibilities lie ahead thanks to genetic engineering and location implants?

Science: Modern Sun Worship?

In view of the past, do we honestly imagine scientific advances will bring warmth and enlightenment to all mankind? If so, we are not learning from the past.

This song reflects the feelings of some.

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5 thoughts on “Science: Sun Worship?

  • I find this article very sobering. There is a lot of meaning behind this message and I agree with most of what you said here. Science is looked at with awe and given honorable mention in universities and other schools of thought. Based on the way we used science in the past indicates that the future might well be far worse if we do not temper science with compassion for life and respect for all living things.

  • CK

    Science only really becomes a problem when it’s not kept fresh. When it’s used by a few old boys to stamp out ideas they don’t like, that may or may not be correct. I could go on.

    Take the idea of consciousness after death. There are people who will scream till their arteries explode if anyone believes in that. They assert that it is not and will never be a possibility.

    Never mind that there is no conclusion on the matter. Never mind that we don’t have technology that’s advanced enough.

    I liked your article. Thanks for posting it.

    • Thank you for your comment and your appreciation. I will point to a scripture concerning consciousness after death: Ecclesiastes 9:5 reads: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten.” There is no consciousness after dead – so says the Bible.

  • bekah

    As a neo-pagan sun worshipper, I agree with you, and I think it’s a great thing. I don’t make sacrifices to Ra or anything like that, but the sun is the source of all energy and life on Earth, and the only thing powerful and majestic enough for me to consider worshipping or praying to. Every culture has its symbols and creation myths, but they always go back to the sun. It was the first recorded deity and influenced the formation of all religions in human history. Eventually, it will consume the Earth in a fiery apocalypse. Similarly, the scientific method is a light in the darkness, a way of discovery and improvement and even a way of life. I’m happy to say that I revere both of these things. They should both be treated with respect, for they are dangerous, but they are not inherently good or evil, simply a fact of existence. We must find a way to make the most of the power they give us while maintaining our ethics and standards and improving ourselves and our communities.

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