Sphere Reciprocal? Not Inside Out, But Equation Inverse?

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sphere reciprocalOne way of mathematically representing a very simple sphere in 3D space is,

r2 = x2 + y2 + z2

where r equals a radius of the sphere. Solving in terms of x, y, and z, we get,

x = √(r2 — y2 — z2)
y = √(r2 — x2 — z2)
z = √(r2 — x2 — y2)

A Sphere Reciprocal

Now a sphere may be the most aesthetically pleasing of the simple geometric curves. So it is natural to wonder, concerning a sphere, what if…? So what if we convert the equation into an equation for a sphere reciprocal? No, not turn the sphere inside out. Rather an inverse of the equation of a sphere? What is the graph of,

r2 = 1/( x2 + y2 + z2) ?

Is it ordinary, or could it be something “romantic,” perhaps something like the popular image of a black hole? Do you have the mathematical skills and (hopefully) the graphing software so you can produce a visual of the curve? If so, and you are willing to share the image, please do. Click Contact Us and attach it along with any narration. I would be pleased to credit you for the image and include it with this article.

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