Spin That Egg to See If It is Cooked

Spin that egg to determine if it is a hardboiled or a raw egg?
Hardboiled or Raw?
Spin that egg? Why? Spin one egg and it wobbles. Spin another and it rotates smoothly. The first egg is raw, the other is hard-boiled. The hard-boiled egg spins smoothly. Why?


A hard-boiled egg contains only solid—from the outer shell to its very center. If you spin that egg, it acts as a unit—as one solid object.


The contents of the raw egg aren’t completely liquid or completely solid. Spin the egg, and the contents neither stand still or spin completely. The result is—hampered spinning—wobbling!

So Spin That Egg!

Yes, spin it to see if it is cooked. If you do, you will never be left in doubt. Now don’t you agree that science can be useful?

Another Puzzle

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