Fly Ash for Concrete: Lowers Cost, Rids Waste and Aids the Environment

Chemistry, Technology
[caption id="attachment_15873" align="alignright" width="440"] Finding uses for waste products - Fly Ash[/caption] Fly ash for concrete? Most concrete is formulated from water, broken stone or gravel, sand, and cement—generally Portland cement. The formulation can include a small quantity of waste material. Fly ash is one such waste material. It offers three advantages. It reduces the need to dispose of some of earth’s abundant fly ash waste, it decreases cost, and decreases helps decrease damage to the environment. What is Fly Ash? Fly ash is the lightweight particulate carried along by flue gases produced from burning coal in boilers. It may be removed electrostatic precipitation. Although coal is mostly carbon, coal deposits are embedded in rock. Thus, inevitably, burning coal yields some silica (SiO2), alumina (Al₂2O3), and calcium oxide (CaO). Tragically,…
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