Eight Middle and High School Math Problems with Solutions

Not only current students. but old-timers as well will find these middle and high school math problems informative. Middle and High School Math Problem 1: Leaves from a tree were reported by four different European students to be 2.9 cm, 3.33 cm, 3.9 cm, and 3.12 cm in length. List the numbers in order of decreasing length. For the beginner, the easiest way to evaluate which of these number is smaller and which is larger, is to make the number of digits to the right of the decimal the same. Now the maximum number of such digits here is two. Adding zeros to the right of the last digit does not change a number’s value. When that is done, the numbers become: 2.90, 3.33, 3.90 and 3.12 In decreasing order,…
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