Organic Chemistry: What is a Lactam?

Most have never heard of a lactam. What is it? How can it be produced? Compounds are chemicals formed by combining two or more different atoms, the basic building blocks of matter. Organic compounds contain carbon, frequently bonded to itself, whether in chains, rings, or some other geometric structure. There are so many organic compounds, they must be categorized according to "functional groups." Functional groups are specialized structures within a compound that may contain a special atom, such as nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorous, etc. One kind of compound categorized by functional group is an amide. An amide results when an organic acid group reacts with a nitrogen-containing amine group and loses water. A lactam is a special kind of amide. It may serve as an intermediate in forming heterocyclic rings. Inorganic…
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Distance, Velocity, and Acceleration

Mathematics, Physics
[caption id="attachment_3512" align="alignright" width="440"] Porsche 911 image - CCA 2 Generic[/caption] Do you know the relationships between distance, velocity, and acceleration? In learning about a matter, the primary obstacle is likely to be understanding the concept of it. For instance, as a young teen, I was introduced to algebra. Algebra is the first form of mathematics that contains not only numbers, but letters as well. Numbers are constant (after all, 3 is three), but letters are used to indicate variance in value, i.e. they are variables. Distance The concept of distance is so very simple, it is taken for granted. But should it be? Some young ones may not fully comprehend the concept of distance. That being said, we will assume here that the reader and his or her pupil…
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