Algae – When Life Hands You a Lemon

Plants, Technology
You purchase a fish tank, obtain the gravel, fixtures, pump, and filter. You set it up, making sure the tank chemistry is correct. Finally, you purchase a modest number of compatible fish, adjusting tank temperature to fit their needs, adjust the light for their comfort. It's beautiful! But after a while you notice... what's this? A kind of green slime, algae! Oh, bother. Why does that stuff have to come along and ruin things? So you purchase algae eaters and wage the same war that other enthusiasts fight. It seems that life keeps giving you lemons. So make lemonade! The Good, the Bad, and the Algae A little algae here or there is a part of nature and not ordinarily a problem. But sometimes it just plain takes over. Notice…
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Goiter, Seafood and Table Salt – What’s the Connection?

Food, Health
Times change. Travel is now common. Cross-country shipping is common. How does all of this fit in with our discussion concerning seafood, goiter, and iodized salt? Not long ago, I met a woman, a lovely older lady, who had a very large goiter encircling her neck. It was shocking and I felt so sorry for her. A month later I saw her following surgery and she looked perfectly normal! Many surgeries have come a long way. Nevertheless, what is the cause of goiter, and how do seafood and iodized salt come into the picture? What Causes Goiter This is not a medical article, per se, but touches upon the food chemistry behind the common, endemic variety of hypothyroidism.¹ In time, insufficient thyroid hormone secretion produces a goiter. The hormone lacking…
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Is Fish Really Brain Food?

Food, People
[caption id="attachment_17712" align="alignright" width="440"] A lovely, healthful salmon dinner. Maybe add a small baked potato.[/caption] It’s been years since I’ve heard anyone describe fish as brain food. But they did. And there was no disproof that the saying was correct. So what’s the verdict? Is there any validity to the idea that fish is good for the central nervous system and specifically for the brain? Fat and Cholesterol Fish is low in calories. Fish is low in fat, especially saturated fat. The varieties of food fish highest in fat contain no more than about 15% fat. In fact, fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Most fish are relatively low in cholesterol. The overall conclusion is that fish is a suitable dietary addition for those who wish to reduce their…
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