George Bucher Ayres: A Letter to His Niece

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[caption id="attachment_14191" align="alignright" width="480"] The Man.[/caption] George Bucher Ayres (1829-1905) was neither an unknown nor an insignificant man. He is famous for having hand-painted photographs of Abraham Lincoln, originally taken by Alexander Hesler. You see, he had purchased the man's studios and found the glass negatives. But George Bucher Ayres was not a singularly talented man. He was an historian, a photographer, a newspaper editor, an author, so forth and so on. Search for him by name and you will learn a number of things about him. One of his most interesting adventures was when George Bucher Ayres booked Swedish Nightengale Jennie Lind (formerly employed by Phineas T. Barnum) to make a public appearance in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. George Bucher Ayres - Artistically Inclined Yes, George Bucher Ayres was also into…
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