How to Glue Teflon

Teflon® is famous for its smooth surface. Essentially nothing sticks to Teflon. It has been bragged that the only thing that can stick to it may be a gecko. This is because of the special nature of a gecko’s grip. In fact, it appears a gecko can only stick to Teflon under special conditions. So the question is: How can we glue Teflon? I Need to Know How to Glue Teflon And yet, that was the task I was given at my place of employment. I was told the use of a special chemical pre-treatment could allow objects to be glued to the slippery stuff. Since I am a chemist, the reader can rest assured this piqued my interest immensely. What was the pre-treatment, and how did it work? The…
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DIY Milk Based Casein Glue

Chemistry, Entertainment
[caption id="attachment_5956" align="alignleft" width="380"] Casein Glue[/caption] Survivalists desire the skill of doing things for themselves. While they may know how to provide food for their families, could they make their own glue if the need arose for it? Would you like to know how you can make your own glue—from milk? That’s right—from milk. It's called casein glue. Elementary Adhesives There are a number of simple ways to make glues using various starches, flour, or gelatin. An improvement to these formulations is casein glue. While it requires a little effort to make, it is still not difficult and it is a superior product. In fact, it is related to some of the famous brands available at your store, including construction glue. Milk is a Natural Casein is an important phosphoprotein…
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