Edward Villeroy Stockham: Lost in the Masquerade

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[caption id="attachment_19594" align="alignright" width="480"] Edward purchased Seneca Cannery c. 1900.[/caption] It's almost certain you've never heard of him. Edward Villeroy Stockham was given what most would call a good upbringing. He was to interact with Society in some very interesting ways, eventually marrying into a most historic family. Edward was to become a leading citizen, then get "lost in the masquerade", as the popular lyricist and singer Leon Russell croons. Auspicious Beginnings Edward V. Stockham was born 17 Oct 1863 in Camden, New Jersey to Charles Edward and Mary Humes Tomb Stockham. Charles was eminently successful in the lumber business. Edward had an auspicious beginning. After all, an English surname, Stockham means "at the tree stocks". During his earliest working years, Edward Stockham was closely associated with his father's lumber…
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