Pompeii: Frozen Animal Statues?

Education, History
Who is unacquainted with the dreadful eruption of Mt. Vesuvius? That volcanic disaster brought raining death by heat, smoke, and ash. Numerous detailed plaster casts of the dead portray life’s activities in Pompeii and other towns in clear detail. Men, women, and children lie in postures that prove how quickly they died. A cross-section of all aspects of life is seen – whether at home, work, or elsewhere. Recently, the concept that most died from the volcanic ash was seriously reconsidered. A more probable explanation is that Pompeii victims died by flash heating. This understanding arose from a comparison of the way volcano victims died in other, nearby towns. Questions Arise But a question arises: What about wild, farm, and domestic animals? Are there “statues” of these creatures to be found?…
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Some Reasons I Disbelieve in Time Travel

[caption id="attachment_7363" align="alignright" width="440"] I disbelieve in time travel.[/caption] I love a good science fiction precept. One of the classic precepts is time travel. Books have been written. TV shows aired. Movies released. I can’t get enough of it, especially if some fresh nuance concerning time travel is postulated. Despite that, I totally disbelieve time can be traversed, or indeed that it is anything other than one-dimensional and forward moving. I have a few reasons for feeling so. The last one I present represents for me the final sword thrust, the coup de grâce, for time travel. Time Travel – My First Difficulty The first concept of travelling in time is doubtless to return to the age of dinosaurs. The notion of travel to the past is abundant in classic…
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