Interior Angles of Polygons Starting with a Triangle

Logic, Mathematics
Regular polygons are closed curves with a set number of sides and interior angles, each of identical value. How can one calculate the interior angles of polygons? An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal interior angles. Each angle is 60° or π/3 radians, adding up to 180° or π radians total. A square has four equal sides and four equal interior angles. Each interior angle is 90° or π/2 radians, adding up to 360° or 2π radians total. Interior Angles of Polygons A short chart of additional polygons with their interior angles provides the following data: Pentagon 5 interior angles of 108° (540° or 3π radians total) Hexagon 6 interior angles of 120° (720° or 4π radians total) Heptagon 7 interior angles of about 128.57° (900° or 5π radians total)…
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