The Ten Commandments – Are They for Christians?

Bible, History
[caption id="attachment_18239" align="alignright" width="480"] Dead Sea Scroll containing the Decalogue or 10 Words.[/caption] The Ten Commandments or Decalogue are part of a larger collection of laws included in an agreement between God and the Nation of Israel. The agreement was a covenant (sometimes called a "testament"). Such an agreement is comparable to a marriage agreement or covenant, in which both parties promise fidelity in a legally binding relationship. As a marriage is adulterated by unfaithfulness between husband and wife, a covenant between God and humans is tainted by spiritual adultery. The covenant that included the additional 600 or so laws was mediated by Moses. Thus it came to be called the Mosaic Law covenant. Does this covenant or do these laws apply today to Christians? A Blessing and a Curse…
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