Chocolate Ice Box Cake – My Early 1900’s Favorite

Grandmother passed on her favorite cookbook to Mom. It was a lovely old volume, a brown-covered hardback more than two inches thick, with topical indents and brown-speckled page edges. The book was dated about 1905 to 1907 and it was not a first printing, so the book probably was penned during the late 1800's. As a youngster, I couldn't believe the breakfast listings. Some of them had as many as 6 courses! But times were different and work was harder. Then, too, women were considered "healthy" if they were just a mite plump! But my favorite entry in the book was Ice Box Cake. We now identify an icebox as a non-electrical refrigerator designed to hold ice (delivered by the iceman) for the purpose of preserving perishables. Lost! When Mom…
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