How Far Can Perfect Eyes See? An Ideal Earthly Scenario

Logic, Mathematics
[caption id="attachment_26540" align="alignright" width="480"] Image by Meg Learner[/caption]I once met a fellow in Virginia who said, 'The human eye is an amazing thing. Why, if there were no mountains in-between, we could see California!' Of course, he was referring to perfect eyes... Of course, that is just plain nuts. Nevertheless, it raised the question, "Just how far away could a person see an object if nothing interfered? Let's consider the answer to that question. Conditions First, we need to set conditions or ground rules. Earth is sufficiently round to call it a sphere, so we treat it as such. In fact, we assume it is perfectly smooth even to an ant. Further, we assume the atmosphere is perfectly clear, and the observer has perfect eyes. When we look out toward…
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More About Paradoxes – Ellen Hetland Fenwick w. Benjamin Curtin

Paradoxes: The Box Problem: Remember the puzzle I posted a short time ago? I state it again... The boxes below contain the BOX numbers of five boxes: BOX 0 contains all BOX numbers that do not contain their own BOX numbers. Here are two questions: Should 0 be in Box 0? Should 0 not be in Box 0? The answers to the questions are as follows: If 0 is in Box 0, it should not be. If 0 is not in Box 0, it should be. This is an example of paradoxes. Here are some others. Paradoxes: The Barber Problem The barber shaves all those who do not shave themselves. Who shaves the barber? Answer: if he shaves himself he should not; if he does not shave himself he should.…
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