Spring Daffodils – Grim Hurricane Reminders

[caption id="attachment_6598" align="alignright" width="480"] Daffodils in Massies Mill, Virginia serve as a living testimonial. Image courtesy Sean Korte.[/caption] Hurricane reminders can be grim. Rather like Beauty and the Beast. In August of 1969, a terrible storm, downgraded from hurricane status, struck Nelson County in Virginia, killing more than 150 people – washing away and otherwise destroying many homes and other buildings. This tragedy is etched in the minds of survivors and is a hallmark of the county's history. It will not quickly be forgotten. To this day, newcomers can see evidence of the devastation. Green Acres is the Place to Be In the Green Acres area in Lovingston, a mountain cliff can be seen that is naked of soil and trees, though gradually it is filling in with small vegetation. But…
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