Generate 2D Math Objects by Collapsing 3D Math Objects

I had some excellent high school mathematics instructors. They both loved their field and took an interest in their students. Since high school, I have had a deep interest in collapsing 3D mathematical equations to derive equations for 2D mathematical objects or modifying 2D objects into other 2D, or 2D objects into 1D. A 3D sphere becomes a 2D circle. A 2D parabola becomes a 1D line. The 2D hyperbola shown, if collapsed along the x-axis, becomes two 1D line segments stretching at one end to infinity. The same hyperbola collapsed along the y-axis becomes a complete line. A 2D circle becomes a single 1D line segment of a length equal to the diameter. An Example of Collapsing 3D into 2D What can be obtained by collapsing 3D math objects…
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