Wilson H. Fitzgerald – “Rags to Riches” in Camden NJ

Genealogy, History
Probably the name Wilson H. Fitzgerald doesn't ring a bell for you. He was an imposing fellow, but it is the time and events in which he was involved that make him interesting. And everyone appreciates a rags-to-riches story... Wilson H. Fitzgerald... Belonged to the Philadelphia Resolution Hose Company. He built dozens of homes in Camden, New Jersey. Pioneered special business practices in Camden, New Jersey. Once traveled the rails West on one of Raymond's Vacation Excursions. Was guilty of assault and battery against a fellow City Council member.1 Found a large chunk of human flesh on his property 5 miles from an explosion. Found twenty-five or thirty Revolutionary War cannonballs on his property. Helped his son-in-law escape charges for embezzling from the Postal Service. Had a son, John L.,…
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