Slip ’em a Mickey: Chloral Hydrate, a Stabilized Geminal Diol

Health, Medicine
Among the endless thousands of organic compounds that are familiar to the public, one is associated with foul bars, booze, and foul play. It is chloral hydrate (Cl₃C-CH(OH)₂). Combined with an alcoholic beverage, the result, an infamous "Mickey Finn" causes the victim to pass out as quickly as if he had been knocked out. Mickey (Not Steamboat Mickey) In the Movies In old-movie and TV shows, the bad guy (often in a saloon) wants to capture his victim by rendering him unconscious. Maybe he even wants to sell the man to a ship's captain who needs to complete his crew. The poor guy is Shanghaied! An interesting example is this old Bonanza western TV show episode: Was There an Actual Mickey Finn? It appears there was! In the latter part…
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