The Differences Between Flagella and Cilia

[caption id="attachment_5797" align="alignright" width="440"] Is there a difference? After all they all look like little hairs to me.[/caption] Transportation by hairs called flagella and cilia? Yes, either works. What are they and how do they function? One-celled animals want to get around, too. One method used by the amoeba seems very innovative. Basically a liquid-filled blob, the amoeba directs some of its protoplasm to form pseudopodia, which is a 50-cent word meaning false feet. Other protozoa possess what is called a flagellum (some use two flagella). These are long hairs, sometimes longer than the body of the animal. It moves through the water using the flagellum like a whip. Yet others use a collection of shorter hairlike organelles called cilia. What is the difference between flagella and cilia? The differences…
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