November 2016 Nelson County and Amherst County VA Brush Fires

[caption id="attachment_15770" align="alignright" width="440"] Part of the Eades Hollow fire in Lovingston. Photo (11-24-2016) copyright Robert D. McNeish[/caption] During November 2016—the 19th—a major fire, burning thousands of acres of woodland, began, or at least was first reported, in Amherst County, Virginia. This wasn’t the only forest fire in the vicinity, however. Adjacent Nelson County, too, was the scene of a fire that began on November 20th—the very next day. It has received considerably less media attention than the Amherst fire. Why is that? Scope and Magnitude Progressively, the Lovingston fire was listed as affecting 40 acres, then 450 acres, then 1,000 acres (as of November 23, 2016). Initially, the Amherst fire was reported to have affected a mere 25 acres. But by the time Lovingston reached 1,000 acres, Amherst had…
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