Our Planet and Atmosphere: Ozone – the “Other” Oxygen

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[caption id="attachment_20184" align="alignright" width="440"] The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia[/caption] Oxygen atoms are very reactive chemically. We call them electrophilic or "electron loving" because the oxygen atom seeks to bind to other electron-rich sources, especially itself. Thus oxygen is present in our atmosphere primarily as the molecular O₂. Another Form A small percentage of atmospheric oxygen exists in another form, ozone, O₃. This less stable form of oxygen is produced by ultraviolet light or high voltage electrical discharge. It's garlicky odor may be discerned after a heavy thunderstorm. Geometry The O₂ molecule consists of only two atoms, and two points make a line, right? So what shape is the O₃ molecule? Unlike its more abundant companion, ozone is non-linear. As a result, it carries partial charges on its constituent atoms.…
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