Cats and Dogs Instinctive Behavior – One Difference

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[caption id="attachment_16506" align="alignright" width="440"] Best Buds[/caption] Cats and dogs. No human can truly understand the mind of a cat or of a dog. But pretty fair conclusions can be drawn if we observe, think, and meditate on their actions and the manner in which these are carried out. Attempting to put this into practice, I deduced that there is one particular difference between cats and dogs and their instinctive behavior. Particularly is this so in connection with cleanliness, in their "taking care of business." The Cat When a cat (especially a female cat) wants to do its business, it seeks out an isolated, generally quiet locale. It usually digs into the soil (we’re disregarding cat litter at the moment) and then squats to do its thing. Afterward, it turns around…
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