Better Living through Chemistry? Organophosphates

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[caption id="attachment_24277" align="alignright" width="590"] Organic chemistry: esterification of carboxylic acids.[/caption] As the world became more sophisticated, a philosophy sprouted declaring the problems plaguing mankind would one day be resolved via education. A popular slogan developed by one manufacturing giant suggested their products could assist one to better living through chemistry. But what of organophosphates – potentially dangerous pesticides? Better Living through Chemistry In some ways, the world is a better place due to the aid of chemists. Perhaps, though, the opposite could be said with equal fervor. Chemistry has also degraded quality of life in some respects. You don’t have to think long to find an illustration of this – consider the use of phosgene and mustard gas during times of war. In peaceful times as well, chemists unwittingly caused…
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