Use of the Hull Cell in Maintaining Electroplating and Electroforming Baths

Chemistry, Electrical
[caption id="attachment_23592" align="alignright" width="480"] Hull Cell[/caption] Electroplating is the depositing of a metallic film onto a substrate, whatever form that substrate takes. One most unusual substrate is baby shoes! The electroplating industry contributes both functionally and aesthetically to a host of consumer products. Plating is both a science and an art. Electroplating bath chemistry is crucial. It is dynamic, ever changing. Frequent adjustments, tweaks, keep it in top operating condition. Plating Bath Components Every plating bath is different, but there are some components that are pretty standard for the majority of them. 1. Water 2. Metallic salt 3. An acid or an alkali version of the same salt as the metal 4. Brighteners 5. Anodes Example One example demonstrating the art-science dichotomy is the cyanide-copper flash bath, primarily used in…
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