The One Cell Blob Amoeba

[caption id="attachment_19430" align="alignright" width="440"] Giant Amoeba - Chaos carolinense - Dr.Tsukii Yuuji. Image edited.[/caption] The amoeba is probably everybody‚Äôs concept of the simplest life form this earth has to offer. Consisting of one cell, with no particular shape, this nearly shapeless creature has featured in science fiction B-movies, portraying a monster that encompasses its victim from all sides, sucking it into oblivion, absorbing the poor captive into its protoplasm. Here is an image of the so-called brain-eating version (Naegleria fowleri). The CDC explores the topic of this one-celled species to a great extent, providing much information on it. [caption id="attachment_7879" align="alignright" width="300"] The brain-eating amoeba. Image CDC[/caption] Anatomy The amoeba possesses a cell wall, which encompasses its protoplasm. Its shape is completely mobile, and it can surround prey, re-forming its…
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