David Weatherly: Railroad Executive, Silversmith, Clock and Watch Maker

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[caption id="attachment_19539" align="alignright" width="440"] Grandfather clock face[/caption] It's funny how specialized Society has become. Perhaps it is just as funny how diverse the skills of persons in the past could be. A prime example was an emigrant to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – David Weatherly, Sr. Who Was David Weatherly? Born 14 Jun 1779 at Berwick upon Tweed, County Northumberland, England, David married "Molly" Lawson, daughter of grocer Joseph Lawson on 9 Feb 1806. The couple would eventually have some nine children, the youngest being Ellen Weatherly, born in 1826. David would die 05 Feb 1851 in Philadelphia. His most famous child would have been David Weatherly, Jr., the "Philadelphia Lawyer". The Couple in Philadelphia These last decade of the 1790s and for perhaps a handful of years thereafter, Philadelphia was devastated…
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