Energy from Matter – Chemical Energy, Atomic Energy, and Annihilation

Physics, Technology
[caption id="attachment_15861" align="alignright" width="440"] An example of fission: a neutron plus U235 produces U236 which breaks down into Kr92, Ba141, and 3 neutrons.[/caption] Energy (E) is crucial for life; there is no life apart from energy. Fortunately energy derived from matter exists abundantly. It is readily obtainable. Chemical E Our bodies require small installments of energy. This leads us to the dinner table. Our body breaks down the food we eat, liberating chemical energy that keeps us functioning and warm. For instance, there is the digestion of starch into sugar and energy. Sugar is further broken down into carbon dioxide, water, and still more energy. This form of energy can also be called molecular energy, since it comes from the breaking down of molecules. This involves the breaking of chemical…
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