Mummy Ötzi and the Bible

Bible, History
[caption id="attachment_13034" align="alignright" width="300"] A reconstruction of Ötzi's axe. Image by Bullenwächter, CC by 3.0.[/caption] Mummy Ötzi and Tubal-cain have what in common? Most scientists do not know. But it has to do with his axe. It also has to do with the Bible. The oldest and best-known naturally preserved mummy was discovered and uncovered in 1991. He had been frozen in ice for more than 5,000 years. Nicknamed Ötzi, a copper axe was found in his possession. What is so special about the axe? Scientists had previously believed metal objects would not be introduced for an additional 1,000 years. Mummy Ötzi Many new things were discovered in connection with mummy Ötzi. But the thing that should most interest sincere Bible students is the axe. Why? Because the Bible informs…
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