Human Consumption, Respiration, Elimination

[caption id="attachment_7434" align="alignright" width="480"] A child engaging in consumption![/caption] Whatever goes up must come down is a simple truth. Perhaps a corollary to that can be written. Whatever goes in must come out. It is surely so for the human organism. Whatever goes in, comes out—one way or another. The human is, essentially, a thermodynamic system. It involves consumption, respiration, and elimination. What Goes In Let’s list everything that goes into a human in any given 24-hour period. Humans take in food, water-containing beverages, and air. We can ignore additional miniscule factors, such as sunshine. The oral cavity, the lungs, and even the skin participate in the input-output processes. Must Come Out - Consumption, Respiration, Elimination Solid waste is excreted via the bowels. Most of that waste-material is not water-soluble.…
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