Thumbnail Mystery 2: How the Bee Doth Sting

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Thumbnail mystery 2
By Chocolate Horlicks – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

It was the beginning of August, the peak of Summer and it was stifling; there was no breeze. If there had been a breeze, the humidity would only have made matters worse. Some had left Chicago because of it. You see, it was the fifth day of an unprecedented power failure.

Despite that, the trial was in full swing. The prosecution’s key witness was sequestered in the federal building’s second floor from the top. Despite the building’s state of the art design, because of the power failure, the windows were wide open.

Malachi “Ky” Haworth was lone witness to a high-profile assassination. Left unguarded, he’d have been dead before his next breath.

The Final Night

Ky asked the inside guard, “When can I eat?”
“Now. What do you want?”

“I want something hot.”
“What would you like?”

“Steak ‘n’ potatoes, asparagus, Texas toast. And can I have a couple of beers?”

Ky was sitting with his shirt open to the second button, playing Solitaire like it hurt him to turn the cards.

His wife Emily was Home. She had her own guard. She was watching Seinfeld, when the phone rang.

The voice was slow and quiet. Emily stared like a dead woman. Upper floors of the Newman Building no longer existed. An unknown number were presumed dead.

Thumbnail Mystery 2: What Do You Think?

Since the hi-rise was protected by top-level security procedures, how was the bombing accomplished?

Answer: A small nuclear device was flown in through one of the open windows via Drone.

Think this could never happen? Take a look at this 1 minute video…

Also, developments in technology since writing this piece give it a ring of truth! Sky Boarding…

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