Thumbnail Mystery 2: How the Bee Doth Sting

Thumbnail mystery 2
By Chocolate Horlicks – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
It was a stiflingly hot day. And there was no breeze. If there had been, the humidity would only have made matters worse. Many departed their homes to stay with family and friends. The reason was a citywide power failure.

Despite that, the trial was reaching a climax. Of such importance, the state’s main witness was given sanctuary in the federal building, second floor from the top. Despite the building’s state of the art design, the windows were wide open.

Malachi “Ky” Haworth was Chief Witness for the Prosecution. He’d witnessed was a high-profile assassination. Left unprotected, he would have been dead in no time.

The Final Night

“Will I be able to eat soon?” Ky asked his bodyguard.
“What do you want?” Asked bodyguard Phil Cooper.

“Can I have a hot platter?”
“Name it.”

“Steak ‘n’ potatoes, asparagus, Texas toast. And can I have a couple of beers?”

After dinner, Ky sat with his shirt off, playing Solitaire..

His wife Emily was home; she had her own guard. She was watching Seinfeld, when the phone rang.

“Just out, this word from the Newman Federal Building downtown. An explosion has severely damaged the upper half of the building. At least a dozen persons are presumed dead. Stay tuned for further updates.”

Thumbnail Mystery 2: What Do You Think?

Since the federal building was protected by the highest level security procedures. How do you think the bombing was accomplished?

[It was flown in through a window via Drone.]

Think this could never happen? Take a look at this 1 minute video…

Also, developments in technology since writing this piece give it a ring of truth! Sky Boarding…

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