What is the Origin of Races?

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Origin of races - Image: IIpdigital, US Embassy
Race – Image: IIpdigital, US Embassy

Interestingly, the origin of races of mankind is quite easy to understand if one does not assume that mankind evolved, but was created as in the Bible account.

The Bible indicates the first human couple was directly created, and that the rest of natural born mankind came about through the process of procreation, the passing on of life from one person to the next.

From Adam to Noah

Adam and Eve were the ancestors of Noah and of Noah’s wife, that one’s name being unknown. By the day of Noah, and under the influence of the demon angels, the world of mankind became violently wicked. Noah was thus told by God to build an ark to carry those who would listen and obey God safely through a world deluge. The deluge was designed to destroy those who would not listen and obey him. Sadly, a mere eight individuals were salvageable:

  • Noah and his wife
  • Shem and his wife
  • Ham and his wife
  • Japheth and his wife

Immediately After Noah

After the flood, Noah’s three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth with their wives all bore children. These, in fact, were the progenitors of all of mankind on earth, today. These three families did not completely intermingle, due to a spectacular event in part because of one of Ham’s grandsons, Nimrod, the son of Cush.

Nimrod apparently was instrumental in a direct rebellion against God’s original command to fill the earth, subduing it. Instead of spreading abroad, the people closely associated with him built a tower, a ziggurat, in order to make a “celebrated name for themselves.”

God Steps In – Origin of Races

Realizing that an imperfect and additionally a rebellious yet united people would have nothing bad that was not within their grasp to do, Jehovah confused their tongue. He created different languages among subsets of people. These groups could no longer communicate with each other, thus forcing them to separate. Inbreeding in the small groups produced some interesting results. Yes, it led to the different races of mankind.

The families of Noah’s sons spread in different directions. Shem’s offspring gave rise to the Semitic peoples, including the Jews.

Ham’s issue resulted in the Hamitic peoples. Many of these are among the darker-skinned peoples.

As for Japheth and the Japhetic branch of mankind?  That includes many of the white race across Europe and apparently the Chinese. The origin of races is from God. It dates back to Nimrod.

Some still seek confirmation. For instance, Engines of Our Ingenuity No. 989 Tower of Babel

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