Science: Sun Worship?

sun worshipI once read that science is to some roughly the same as sun worship. At first, I found the idea ridiculous. But over the years, I have come to realize those words are not without basis. How can that be so?

Religion a Science?

For centuries, much of mankind worshiped nature. Foremost in many religions was sun worship. The sun imparted light and warmth. Of course, there were other gods. The moon, rivers, so forth and so on. I myself am a scientist. I love science. Science teaches us not only about our surroundings, but about ourselves as well. Science is the source of technological advances. But with anything good, you can expect abuse. In fact, science could be likened to a magnifying glass in this respect: it magnifies the flaws in mankind’s character.

Science a Religion?

Science has been assigned almost mystical properties, as if it is a source of salvation. Journalists have envisioned how one day science will be solve all mankind’s problems. Peace will prevail because man will fear the use of super weapons destroying the earth. Medical advances will eradicate disease. Hunger will be no more.

Science an Enemy?sun worship

In reality, hasn’t science greatly magnified many of our problems? For instance, war. Has science not advanced warfare? Gas and germ warfare? Attack from the air via planes and rockets? Then there’s the splitting of the atom. Atomic warfare could wipe out Earth’s population. But let’s not stop there. What possibilities lie ahead thanks to genetic modification and cloning?

Science: Modern Sun Worship?

In view of the past, do we honestly imagine scientific advances will bring warmth and enlightenment to all mankind? If so, we are not learning from the past. This song reflects the feelings of some.

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  • Anthony Davis Reply

    I find this article very sobering. There is a lot of meaning behind this message and I agree with most of what you said here. Science is looked at with awe and given honorable mention in universities and other schools of thought. Based on the way we used science in the past indicates that the future might well be far worse if we do not temper science with compassion for life and respect for all living things.

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