Alcohol Is Yeast Urine!

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Yeast produces yeast urine.

Alcohol is yeast urine! Yeast are tiny animals that, through the process of fermentation, convert sugar plus water into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. These two products constitute the bodily wastes of yeast. Now multicellular animals give off carbon dioxide when they exhale during the respiratory cycle. But what can be said of the alcohol?

C12H22O11 + H2O →  4 CH3CH2OH + 4 CO2

Since ethyl alcohol is a liquid, it can be compared to the water-soluble urine produced by other, more complex, animals.

Never Drink Alcohol Again?

Somehow, I doubt this will stop many persons from drinking beer, wine, or liquor! As squeamish as we may be about what is in our food, what is in our alcoholic beverages is unlikely to deter those who partake. In fact, I enjoy a glass of port or sherry.
yeast urine

Oxidized Yeast Urine

Oh. By the way… Did you know that alcohol, if not preserved, turns to vinegar? Yes, vinegar or acetic acid is the end product of sugar fermentation if bacteria are allowed to reach the alcohol. So, even if you don’t drink alcohol, you haven’t escaped. Vinegar is oxidized yeast urine. Chemically, the reaction is termed oxidation. Here is the chemical process:


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