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Cicada Stir Fry - Erik K. & Jason H.
Cicada Stir Fry – Erik K. & Jason H.

My friends, Erik K. and Jason H., are adventurous in many respects. They love camping; they love eating. Above all, they like strange! To them, however, the idea of cooking and eating a cicada stir fry isn’t strange at all. But why don’t I let Erik do the explaining?

Also Sprach Erik!

Jason & I often think of new and interesting (read daring) things to eat. Insects always seem like something worth working our way into since so much of the world’s population is already way ahead of us on this front.

cicada stir fry
Showcase Ingredient

Cicada Stir Fry

We cooked up the Cicadas by simply par-boiling, then stir-frying. Set them aside and stir-fry in vegetables of your choice. Jason seasoned these “Thai-Style” (Fish sauce, sugar, chili paste, etc.) Add cicadas back into the mix and serve with a nice rice noodle or glass noodle.

After the Fact

In hindsight we realize we should have harvested the newer/younger cicadas. Ours were mature & crunchy. We also should have removed the wings. Flavor/texture wise they were like shrimp and had no offending overtones at all. Personally I’d take them over say, crab which basically feeds off of sea floor garbage at best.

The cooks-consumers chose not to publish their names or personal images. Too bad, don’t you agree?

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