I was a Fuller Brush Door to Door Salesman

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Fuller Brush
The Fuller Brush Girl – Lucille Ball

I was once, if only for a short while, a Fuller Brush man. Perhaps you were, too. If not, maybe you were a customer. Fuller was one of the more iconic door-to-door enterprises.

Two Namesake Movies

Two cute movies were named for the firm. One, starring Red Skelton, was The Fuller Brush Man (1948). The other starred Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert, named The Fuller Brush Girl (1950).

Is Fuller Brush Still Around?

Fuller Brush still has a presence. Certainly it has a web site. While it still offers its superior brushes and brush-related products, it is by no means limited to these.

Where Was My Assignment

If I recall correctly, my assignment was in the town of Haddonfield in Camden County, New Jersey. Naturally it was company policy to give the prime territories to its established salesmen. Less productive territories were placed in the hands of new employees.

Fuller Brush
The Fuller Brush Man – Red Skelton.

That was just one handicap for me. My main handicap was that I was quiet and shy. I was so quiet I seldom received much acknowledgment. So I didn’t last long. Still, I am proud to be able to say I was once employed by the Fuller company. As little as I accomplished, I can say I played a part.

Other Interests

Who would ever guess that on another occasion I worked for the U.S. Census, and that now (for well over half my life) I would again be going to the doors as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Perhaps I’m not quite so shy now. Certainly I’m nowhere near as quiet.

Anyone know of a part-time job at the Post Office working the field? No, not driving a truck. Walking the beat. I mean, why not? I’m game. Been there, done that!

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