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The Micrathena sagittata spider - PD Wikimedia Commons by Tim Ross
Micrathena sagittata

To me, the best thing about August is that September is near. One thing I particularly hate about August is when I walk smack-dab into a spider web. Now Micrathena isn’t your ordinary-looking spider. It’s this incredibly ugly, spiky, humpbacked thing that scares the living daylights out of you. I call it (and at one time believed all called it) the Pyramid spider.

Gradually for the rest of the year, I begin to forget the existence of this most cursed of spiders. Then, just when I least expect it…

Micrathena Ninja

When you bump into it, or rather into its web, you may suddenly become the neighborhood karate expert, chopping the air and spinning and crying out—AYAHH! Personally, I dance when I am smacked in the face by a spider web. Why is it I am always the one in front?

In the U.S., there are a few outdoors species that live in the understory. The image associated with this article is one of them. Enjoy the following two YouTube videos included in this article that show, not one, but two spiders: M. gracilis and M. sagittata.

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One thought on “Micrathena Spider In Your Face

  • VNicks

    I do the karate chop dance when I run into a spider web also – and even if other people are in front of me, it seems that it’s always me that runs into the web. Great article!

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