The Odor in Natural Gas

An Ingredient Added to Natural Gas
Get Back! I’m claustrophobic.

Phew! Man! What is the Odor in Natural Gas? In order to use odorless natural gas safely in households, it is important for safety to add something to warn the consumer of leakage. Otherwise, he may be exposed to suffocation or explosion!

Natural Gas: But What to Add?

To circumvent these dangers compounds such as the sulfur analogs of alcohols called thiols or mercaptans are added. These resemble the odor of garlic, or even a skunk.

Quantities required are very small—merely a few parts per million. Would you not agree safety overrides any displeasure we might experience from the odor of leaking gas?

No! How About…

But maybe you feel producers could have chosen a better aroma. Say strawberries, lavender, coffee, or bacon? But if those choices were used, would you be as quick to recognize the presence of danger? Face it, no. The odor in natural gas being that of a skunk was a wise choice.

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