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Blue = the parabola Black = the Lemniscate of Gerono Violet = the circle Red = QSO (1:1)

QSO Instructional Videos.

Robert G. Chester, guest author at QuirkyScience.com surpassed expectation in his article on quasi-spherical orbits. A mathematics piece that should see application in many areas of physics as well, there is a distinctive flavor of art as well.

To aid the reader of his article Quasi-Spherical Orbits – The Most Interesting Curves You’ve Never Heard Of, Robert has provided visual aids in the form of videos that may be seen on YouTube. In fact, they may even be downloaded if the visitor chooses to employ a download application for the purpose.

Why are such videos of great value in understanding QSOs? Because most of us have difficulty visualizing 3D actions within our mind’s eye. For instance, for the chemist, the molecular folding of proteins is difficult to envision. For the mathematician, rotation about multiple axes can be even more difficult.

QSO Instructional Videos

With that in mind, here are the videos Robert suggests may be of value in connection with the dissertation on quasi-spherical orbits…

What’s a QSO?
The QSO Ratio
Poles & Events
Polygons and Polyhedra
The Platonic Solids

Why not take advantage of these tools to assist you in understanding an area of mathematics that has, up till now, been largely overlooked and so not conceived, not understood? It may, in fact, afford advancement in many areas of science and physics not previously anticipated.

Text-based Discussion:

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