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The Czar's Palace - Great place to play a Russian crossword.
The Czar’s Palace: Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Would you care to play a simple beginner’s level Russian crossword puzzle? If the solution is also provided?

RUSSIA! It’s an amazing, multicultural part of this diverse world. Although I cannot afford to visit Russia, I find its people, its history, and its language fascinating. Part of me would like to visit Russia, part of me wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter. The cost is prohibitive for me.

All Things Russian

Some time ago, while seeking beginning level Russian video and audio files, I discovered Natalia Worthington and her lovely Spoonful of Russian website. Since I benefited from her efforts, I thought I would contribute to it in some small way. Using Microsoft Word, I generated a beginner’s level crossword puzzle. I presented it to Natalia. She helped me make small corrections. Then she uploaded it to the Spoonful of Russian downloads section.

So, OK – A Russian Crossword

Now time has passed, and so I thought I’d make it available to all of you. Here it is! Clues first, then the blank form, then the (inverted and flipped) Russian crossword puzzle solution. I hope many of you will enjoy it.

Russian crossword clues.

Russian crossword blank.

Answers [Upside Down]

Russian crossword answers.

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