Stemonitis Chocolate Brown Slime Mold – A Health Threat

stemonitis chocolate brown slime mold

Visiting a friend’s clapboard house, I noticed on an outside surface what appeared to be (and was once labeled) a fungus – the stemonitis chocolate brown slime mold. A friend offered the use of her cell phone to take a photograph. It is the image associated with this article.

The brown growth was located in the area right next an air conditioner condensation runoff. The weather has seemed unusually humid to boot.

Stemonitis, while not the most toxic of molds, is of serious concern to health conscious individuals. It is closely associated with decaying wood. This was the first time the author ever came across the mold. The spore output of this chocolate brown thready mess is astounding, perhaps astronomical.

stemonitis chocolate brown slime mold

The following high-speed YouTube video imagery is very impressive. The actual required time for sporangia development was a mere 24 hours! Household mold represents a health risk through a number of mechanisms, including allergic response, toxins, and infection.

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