Algebra for Beginners: Student Perspective

Have you gone past arithmetic and tried algebra for beginners? Having opted for the “college prep program” at high school, I took Algebra I, freshman year. My instructor was Miss Diamond. She wore those black lace-up shoes elderly women wore then. She was not unkind, although she was rather out of touch with some of the students—including me. It was the first days of class, and, despite seeking her help, I wasn’t getting the concepts. So I turned to the student seated behind me. In about five minutes—perhaps less—he set me straight with his algebra for beginners. I became one of the best students in the class. The principles are easy. Constant -vs- Variable The simplest concept was also the most difficult for me, as paradoxical as that may sound.…
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Beginner Level Russian Crossword

[caption id="attachment_3187" align="alignright" width="480"] The Czar's Palace: Kremlin, Moscow, Russia[/caption] Would you care to play a simple beginner's level Russian crossword puzzle? If the solution is also provided? RUSSIA! It's an amazing, multicultural part of this diverse world. Although I cannot afford to visit Russia, I find its people, its history, and its language fascinating. Part of me would like to visit Russia, part of me wouldn't. It doesn't matter. The cost is prohibitive for me. All Things Russian Some time ago, while seeking beginning level Russian video and audio files, I discovered Natalia Worthington and her lovely Spoonful of Russian website. Since I benefited from her efforts, I thought I would contribute to it in some small way. Using Microsoft Word, I generated a beginner's level crossword puzzle. I…
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