Tongues: God’s New Congregation, His New Nation

Bible, Language
[caption id="attachment_18191" align="alignright" width="480"] Glossolalia - the speaking in tongues.[/caption] By the year 33 of our Common Era, many Jews were living outside Jerusalem. Those who were faithful adherents of Judaism had traveled a considerable distance to come to Jerusalem to attend the Passover Festival. Some of these spoke foreign languages, not Hebrew. It was the dawn of Christianity. How would God introduce these non-Hebrew speaking Jews to Christianity, which at its inception consisted of Hebrew speaking Jews? He would miraculously provide a sufficiency of translators to declare His message. He would give the gift of speaking in tongues! Each one present would each hear and understand the magnificent things of God and could carry the message back on returning to his homeland. Please read Acts 2:12-15. Traveling Jews and…
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