DNA: The Modular Staircase of Life

Biology, Chemistry
[caption id="attachment_24326" align="alignright" width="480"] Molecular model of a Portion of a DNA molecule. – Image by Skeeze[/caption] The most common inorganic (non-carbon) compounds have molecular weights no more than about 200 or 300. Organic compounds can run easily into the many hundreds and thousands. DNA by comparison possesses a molecular weight, depending on the variety, of billions, even trillions. Examining a typical model of the DNA molecule, it appears extremely complex. However, this is from a ‘trees versus the forest’ viewpoint. When viewed as a united structure, DNA assumes a basic form – that of a twisting staircase. DNA is the staircase of life. Molecular Weight and Molecules The atomic weight of an element is defined as the ratio of the mass of an atom of that element to 1/12…
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