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Yours Truly, Vince Summers, Chemist.

Yours Truly, Vince Summers, Chemist.

I’m Vince—a retired chemist, genealogist, and public Bible instructor. My cousin, Ellen, is a traveler, mathematician and computer programmer. We love all things technical and puzzling that offer a twist of the bizarre or the humorous.

I am 67 this year. Retired, the government suddenly loves me—they “care.”

Ellen is sharper than a tack, and writes whimsical pieces as if she wasn’t 86! Is it any wonder I view her with deep respect and affection?

Some feel science is boring—cut and dried. That’s just wrong. It can be exciting. We wish to stress that, at QuirkyScience! We hope you will enjoy what you see here.

Your hosts,

    • Vincent E. Summers BS ’73 Drexel University
    • Ellen H. Fenwick PhD ’76 Temple University
Ellen Hetland Fenwick, PhD

Ellen Hetland Fenwick, PhD

Now we realize tastes vary: for those of you who stumbled here accidentally and loathe technical topics, we include a smorgasbord of non-science articles.

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We hope you will enjoy the quirky fare, below, and under each of the tabs, above.

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July 05, 2015
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