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I’m Vince, the founder of QuirkyScience. I am a writer, retired chemist, genealogist, and public Bible instructor. Ellen, my first cousin, is a traveler, mathematician, and computer programmer. We love all things technical and puzzling—topics that feature the bizarre or the humorous—the quirky. Ellen is sharp as a tack and writes whimsical pieces despite her octogenarian status. She enjoys sharing her perspectives on life.

Weighing in at a whopping 290 lbs, I am waging war with one of the fundamental forces of nature—gravity. I seem unable to win so much as a pyrrhic victory.

But let’s talk about you. Some of you searched us out because you find science (and/or math) fascinating. Others stumbled in here quite by accident and find science boring. We hope to correct that perspective.

Science and its companion, mathematics, are exciting! But even science is lackluster when scientists communicate like lawyers. We try to avoid that here.

Special Note: “We’d like to give a great big thank-you to Victoria Nicks (MSIT), admin of the DecodedEverything collection of websites, for the new, mobile-friendly look of QuirkyScience.”

Special Feature from Guest Author Robert G. Chester:

Quasi-Spherical Orbits – The Most Most Interesting Curves You’ve Never Heard Of

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Escherichia coli (e. coli)

We hope you will enjoy the quirky fare, below, as well as under each of the tabs, above.

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January 17, 2017
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